Café des Arts des Sciences et des Techniques
organisé par Ars Mathématica, accueilli par BETONSALON.
Trente et Unième Rencontre:

L'idée de l'espace de Flatland à Escher et à l'architecture virtuelle

conférence exceptionnelle EN FRANÇAIS du
Pr. Michele EMMER

vendredi 24 avril 2009, 17h00-19H00 à BETONSALON, centre d'art et de recherche, 9 esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Rez-de-Chaussée de la Halle aux Farines, 75013 Paris
(RER Bibliothèque Nationale)


Pr. Michele EMMER
Professor of mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Matematica.

Michele Emmer is full professor of mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Matematica. His area of activity were PDE and minimal surfaces, computer graphics, mathematics and arts, mathematics and culture, films and videos.

Member of the board of the Journal "Leonardo: art, science and technology", MIT Press

Filmaker, almost all his movies in the series "Art and Math" have been broadcasted by the State Italian television and other television; all the videos are distributed in many countries  in the various version   (english, french, spanish, italian, japanese). Homage in several Film Festivals: Bellaria, Bergamo, Rome Animation, Torino Museo del cinema, La Villette, Paris, Festival in Pavia, Georges at Centre Pompidou.

He has organized several exhibitions and conferences on the topic of Art and Mathematics" including the annual conference on "Mathematics and Culture" at the University of Venice; http://www. venezia2009; the exhibitions and conferences on M.C. Escher (1985 and 1998) at the University of Rome; the section on Space at the Biennal of Venice (1986), the travelling exhibition "The Eye of Horus" (Roma, Bologna, Milano, Parma (1989); he was responsable for the Exhibition and congress on "Math & art", Bologna, 2000.

Editor of the series "Mathematics and Culture" by Springer verlag; the series "The Visual Mind" by MIT press; video series "Video math" by Springer verlag.

Last books: "Visibili armonie arte cinema teatro matematica", Bollati Boringhieri, Torino, 2007; "The Visual Mind 2", MIT Press, 2006; "Mathematics and Culture VI", Springer verlag, 2008; a chapter in "Venise" , A. Vircondelet, ed., Flammarion, Paris, 2006, “Matematica e cultura 2008”, Springer, 2008, "Flatland" with DVD of the film, Bollati Boringhieri, 2008.

He received in 1998 the "Galileo" award from the Italian Math Association for best popularization of Mathematics. In 2004 the "Pitagora" award. He is member of the Commission for the popularization of math of the European Math Society.

" I will talk of the connections between the new ideas in geometry in the XIX century, the idea of transformation, the influence of the fourth dimension and non euclidean geometry, Flatland, in the artistic avant garde at the beginning of the XX century, the new idea of space, the influence on art and architecture. "

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